Loyal to a Fault

There's an old saying we don't think about too much these days: 'He's loyal to a fault.'
Most of us value loyalty. We are loyal to our country, to our family, to our friends, and to our faith.

In Jonathan Haidt's book, The Righteous Mind, he lists Loyalty amongst the 6 most important values held by humans. Haidt's research further breaks down the importance that individual Americans place on each of his 6 virtues by political party. And it turns out that Republicans place more importance on Loyalty than Democrats do. Much more importance.

One can deduce that Loyalty to Trump can be partially explained based on this. Trump is the leader of their party, and they are bound to be Loyal to him.

That Democrats place less stress on Loyalty allows them to speak truth to power and make demands on power. Republicans seem more inclined to support power even when it is wrong and engages in anti-democratic actions and rhetoric. In other words, they are Loyal to a Fault.

What will it take for Republicans to recognize that their loyalty is misplaced? What will it take for North Carolina Republicans to publicly repudiate this erstwhile king called Trump? How much does it take before enough is enough and they speak out?

This weekend, Trump dined with an avowed racist and white supremacist, a man who claims the mantle of Nazis... but Republicans don't seem to care. Even our Republican grandfathers fought Nazis in World War II, but their children and grandchildren say nothing.
This afternoon, Trump endorsed the My Pillow Guy to replace Ronna McDaniel as chair of the Republican National Committee. Ronna has gone above and beyond the call of duty to do everything Trump wants, yet he turned his back on her. He has no Loyalty to give. And those who continue to stand by him are not fit to govern.

Will NC Republicans repudiate the man who stands ready to dump them? Or will they remain Loyal to a Fault?



Loyalty, or fear?

I think many of them are afraid to get on Trump's bad side (he doesn't really have a good side), or to get on the bad side of Trump's base, if the individual is not important enough for dipshit himself to notice.

A lot of apt comparisons to the feudal system: "Swear fealty to me or die."

Spineless and ignorant

I agree with Steve about fear. Add in purposeful ignorance (accepting lies) and you have the GOP in all its ugly shame.