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    Gonna check out for awhile.

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    Unless you've been living under a rock, it should be painfully obvious that a certain percentage of our populace (30%?) are simply beyond reason. They have neither the intellectual capacity nor the innate desire for personal growth to respond properly to logic. At best they can only be used as a tool to demonstrate logic to others who may be in ear- (or eye-) shot, but there is a limit to that also.

    That limit is best described using the law of diminishing returns.

    The more you argue with an idiot, the more they will inject patently illogical points, each one begging to be refuted. The end result is very often a morass of disputed opinions, with your original point being obscured. Don't scratch that rash, it will simply get worse.

    It's the ones in the middle; the fence-sitters, who need to be reasoned with. And while it might be tempting to treat them with contempt (how can you not see the truth!), alienating that middle is not going to produce the results we need. It will simply drive them in the wrong direction, no matter how self-righteous you may feel afterwards.

    And in order to figure out where they fall on that reasoning scale, you have to be prepared to listen. Why? Because if they have doubts about where they stand, those doubts will be revealed soon enough. And here's the key: when they reveal those doubts to you, it is also evidence they are seeking some kind of guidance. From you, whether they are aware of that or not.

    How you react will not only determine which way they end up leaning on that particular issue, but also whether they will be receptive on other issues. And considering all the misinformation out there, don't be surprised when some conservative talking point comes up. It happens, and it can be dealt with reasonably. They may be actually hoping you can settle it for them.

    This is how you change minds, one at a time. And it's how we win elections.

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    Give an asshole an assault rifle and he's still an asshole.

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    Spent many years doing research of all kinds for politicians and companies. I'm now in the "zero confidence" camp when it comes to polling. Don't know. Don't want to know. Don't care.

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    Good to know. :)