After action report: The four million-dollar mistake

This is what happens when you don't run candidates in every race:

Norman Sanderson = $22,000
Jim Perry = $300,000
Mike Lazarra = $135,000
Bill Rabon = $350,000
Brent Jackson = $750,000
Phil Berger = $1,800,000
Joyce Krawiec = $40,000
Todd Johnson = $366,000
Vickie Sawyer = $155,000
Ted Alexander = $30,000
Dean Proctor = $125,000
Ralph Hise = $85,000

That's $4,131,000 that was donated by candidates to either the NC GOP Senate Caucus or the NC Senate Majority Fund. Candidates who faced no Democratic opponents in the General Election. While it is true they probably would have contributed some money even if they had a challenger, it would likely have been a fraction of the above.

Someone once told me, "We have to marshal our resources, and be smart about our campaign spending." Yes. But it works both ways. Not running candidates allows your opponent to marshal their resources, and that's something we simply cannot afford to do.



An excellent point

I had not thought of this consequence, but it is a profound one. I really do not get why people take such critical leadership positions only to sit on their hands. This needs to be addressed and fixed. Do you ( or anyone reading this) know of other forums on which this can be broadcast? I posted on the NCDP Facebook page and their Twitter feed without much response.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?