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The gall of this guy is breathtaking. Not only is he a traitor who voted with Trump to deny President Biden his legitimate election, he also voted against women having the right to control their bodies AND children having the right to not get shot by assault weapons, which he happens to sell for a living. North Carolina voters: step up and stop this guy from getting anywhere near the US Senate.

There's only one way to do that: Vote blue from the top of the ballot to the bottom of the ballot. Don't even THINK of voting for a Republican. Our country hangs in the balance.

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Trying something new this morning, posting this email from Capital Broadcasting Company, without including all the links (which is a major amount of work). After doing BlueNC off and on for 16 years, I confess I've gotten lazy. But I figure it's better for you to see this digest from CBC and find the links yourself, than to not see the stories at all.

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Monday, Aug. 1, 2022


BUSINESS LEADERS: Court must order state to fulfill Constitution's promise to NC children

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following are highlights from the friend of the court (amici curiae) brief signed in support of implementation and funding of The Comprehensive Remedial Plan in the Leandro cases to assure that North Carolina meets its constitutional obligation to provide every child with access to a quality education. It was signed by 54 of the state’s top business leaders including the current chair of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce and three former chairs. The complete list of signers follows is at the conclusion of these highlights. You can read the full text of the brief, prepared by counsel for the business leaders Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, here.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


COURT MUST AFFIRM LEANDRO ORDER AND PLAN, NC MUST FUND IT: CNBC recently lauded North Carolina as the #1 state in the country for business, yet we hear from business leaders that they struggle to find enough qualified candidates for the jobs in our state. Businesses need strong graduates from our K-12 programs, community colleges, and universities. We have countless research studies pointing to the importance of investing in public education for the long-term success of students and our economy. In North Carolina, it is the state’s responsibility to fund public education. Yet our state lawmakers make decision after decision failing to invest sufficiently in our future -- in our kids and their schools. It did not have to be like this. But years of imprudent policy and funding decisions have led to this point. The state has a significant budget surplus, $6.5 billion just this year. We have the money - and when considering the return on investment, is there a better way to spend our surplus than to invest in our students? And as long as Republicans in the General Assembly continue to low-ball education funding, NC's rural-urban divide will broaden. State funding can be the great equalizer, harmonizing the education quality of all 100 counties. But when you force those counties to supplement teacher pay, only the ones with a larger property tax base can afford to do so. Rural counties are forced to make do, and that was surely not the intent of those who wrote and approved our state's Constitution.


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