With the heat of a thousand suns

Never before in my life have I hated, loathed, and wanted to punish an individual and a group of people as much as I do now. By any measure, thousands of Americans are being murdered...murdered...every day by Trump and his GOP sycophants. Their insatiable greed for more money, more power, and oblivion to anyone but themselves, coupled with negligence and cruelty has gotten us to where we are. I'm tired of asking...begging...for people to be treated decently and humanely and with justice and equity regardless of their color, gender, national origin, etc.

Day 24

I realized this morning that isolation doesn't bother me. I finally understand what it might be like to live with me. It's a good thing Jane has a duck to keep her company.

The Coronavirus Infodemic: Conspiracy theories are a coping mechanism

Never underestimate our capacity for foolishness:

“People are drawn to conspiracies because they promise to satisfy certain psychological motives that are important to people,” Dr. Douglas said. Chief among them: command of the facts, autonomy over one’s well-being and a sense of control.

If the truth does not fill those needs, we humans have an incredible capacity to invent stories that will, even when some part of us knows they are false. A recent study found that people are significantly likelier to share false coronavirus information than they are to believe it.

You don't have to be a full-fledged, New World Order-fearing nut-job to fit into this category. We're all susceptible to this piper if we're not careful. It's tempting to create monsters where they don't (necessarily) exist, because monsters can be slain. But a natural world that is inherently dangerous and uncertain, that can create a virus so small it's invisible to the naked eye yet kills tens of thousands, is simply terrifying:

Wednesday News: Ode to the gig workers


UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS FOR SOME NC WORKERS ARE DELAYED: Taylor said he couldn’t yet promise lawmakers exactly when the state might be in a position to start approving people for those PUA benefits, but “I’d really like it up and running in two weeks.” The reason for the wait and the uncertainty, Taylor said, is the “tremendous amount” of paperwork needed to verify that self-employed people applying for unemployment are telling the truth about their job losses, their incomes, or even that their businesses are legitimate. And although Congress approved the PUA benefits two weeks ago, the federal government didn’t publish the actual rules for the program until Sunday. Taylor said state unemployment officials spent Monday trying to figure out all the numerous rules and requirements, and will next try to figure out how to best put the new system into place. Politico reported Monday that those rules have raised the ire of some Democratic politicians and groups for excluding too many people.

Day 23

I come by my anxiety honestly. My mother suffered at least one nervous breakdown – I was ten – and 50 years later my father killed himself with a handgun. Between those events, I rode the anxiety roller coaster, holding on for dear life.

Tuesday News: Keep flattening the curve


NC'S SOCIAL DISTANCING SEEMS TO BE WORKING. IT COULD BE MUCH WORSE: At least 2,947 people in 91 North Carolina counties have tested positive for the coronavirus. There are at least 132 confirmed cases statewide of people recovering from the virus, although many counties aren't reporting those numbers. At least 44 people have died in North Carolina, and about 270 people are hospitalized. Six North Carolina residents have died of coronavirus-related complications on Monday, including three in Mecklenburg County and one in Moore County. A statewide stay-at-home order is in effect through April 30. Any local orders with tighter restrictions take precedence over the state order. Coronavirus cases at the federal prison complex in Butner have skyrocketed, from 11 reported cases on Sunday to 59 on Monday, according to local health and federal prison officials.


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