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Our racist state

Right-wing extremists like to remind us that the Civil War ended more than 100 years ago, often claiming that black people have "had long enough" to shake off generations of slavery. It's time, they say, for blacks to compete on equal footing and to end any vestiges of affirmative action.

Now, thanks to the good work of The Center for American Progress, our response can be boiled down to a single damning fact:

On a per student basis, each white student receives about $334 more in district spending than each black student.

Hat tip to Progressive Pulse for digging up the story. More below the fold.

Richard Burr calls for Akin to step aside?

Even though Burr wants to institute the exact same prohibitions against abortion that Akin is proposing.

All these sanctimonious crocodile tears from Republicans like Richard Burr would be hilarious if they weren't so pathetic. Akin's only problem was his lack of judgment in telling the truth about what most Republicans today believe. Fortunately, no one gives a flip what Burr thinks about anything. Akin's in this race for good ... the new poster child for Republican extremism.


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