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Carter Wrenn calls it right

The bill to end mandatory inspections of new cars was a Republicans’ dream. It was less regulation. Lower fees. Less government. It stopped government taking money from one group and giving it to another. It was practical. Made common sense. And even the press liked it.

And it never got out of committee. It was killed dead as a doornail by lobbyists for people who do car inspections.

As one retired legislator said, the legislature’s been re-wired.

More like hot-wired.

May their god awaken them

Found on Facebook, from my friend, Jeffrey Beam

This morning, May 9, 2012, I woke up less of a person in the eyes of my home state. A person who was already less so by the rule of some pre-existing laws, but now Constitutionally less ― by an amendment that contradicts the greatest precepts of our venerable national document ― the separation of Church and State, the individual’s inalienable rights, and protection from tyranny. Now I am a subject to what essentially is a “Christian” Sharia-like law. The very kind of law that the people who created and voted for it would rebel against, if they were subject to something like it.


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