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Another day

We knew it was bad,
those miserable years
of mindless trump of shame.
But without a shred of sanity on the lying right
there was nothing we could do
to stop the reckless decline
of governance
by man-babies
who did what they did
again and again
simply because they could.

We know you know

There will always be a Flat Earth Society dedicated to disagreeing with conventional and scientific wisdom. You say up, I say down. The motivation lies in some perverse sense of pride. Of disagreeing with authority.

I think that way myself sometimes. I know flossing is good for me, for example, which is why I skip doing it so often. You're not the boss of me. We're seeing a lot of that lately.

Republican traitors

Trump, enabled by a handful of Republican traitors, has taken the final step on the road to insurrection. Dipshits like Richard Hudson, Maddie Cawthorn and senile Virginia Foxx all deserve fates worse than death. Here's hoping they all rot in hell.

Clean up on aisle one

I know more than a few people who have been kicked off of Facebook for sharing dark thoughts. Some for simply wishing out loud that Republican bad actors would drop dead on the spot. I personally was sent to time-out for expressing my hopes that Trump and his whole squad of dipshits and dumbasses would expire from choking on chicken bones.

With every passing day, the damage done by traitorous Republicans to our society worsens. These people have let evil loose in America and we will be generations finding our way forward again.

Gun smoke

One thing I like to study is what's called "revenge theory." It's a way of understanding social phenomena where a thing you're trying to avoid is the thing you cause to happen. It explains more things than you might imagine.

For example, recent funding restrictions in Iowa on Planned Parenthood have resulted in a growing number of abortions. Surprise, surprise.

There is no pressure

I've been struck by the huge amount of whining from Republican lawmakers in the past several weeks. It typically goes like this. Trump or one of his hit-men puts in a telephone call to some bureaucrat somewhere and the bureaucrat caves. Then everybody circles their wagons to have the "pressure" conversation. "That administrator is under a lot of pressure from the President," pundits say. "It's terrible."

To which I say, bullshit.

Here's the truth: No one can put pressure on anyone else unless they're holding a gun to their head or something similar. Short of that, succumbing to pressure is just weakness of character and cowardice. It works like this. I call on the phone and lean hard on you to get you to do what I want. I coax, cajole, guilt-trip, threaten, whatever. I really, really, really want you do go along with me. I do my best to brow-beat you into going along.

What do you do? You have a couple of options. You can cave to my wishes and then say you were "pressured" into something you didn't want to do. You blame me because you don't have the spine to take responsibility for your cowardice. And it's easy to get the people around you to go along with your pity party. It's not your fault. The devil make you do it.

Or you can tell me to fuck off and then do what you really think is right.

Trump calls Michigan minions to DC to work out coup details


I sometimes think these days that I've seen the worst, but today brought a new low. Shut out by judges all across the land, Trump has invited two leading Michigan Republican leaders to meet with him in DC. The goal? To map out an end-around plan that allows Trump to stay in power. Trump wants the Michigan legislature to bypass vote-counting and choose a bunch of electoral college sheep who won't be bound by the popular vote in their state.


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