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BlueNC update

We've had a number of technical challenges recently, all made worse by the fact that I experienced a series of strokes in May which have compromised my ability to use the left side of my body. In practical terms, that means BlueNC is on the ropes and probably nearing the end of its natural life. I can barely type these days and am spending a lot of time in physical therapy, with occasional communing with our chickens.

I've also been thinking too much about the past. After 17 years of trying to hold NC politicians accountable, I can safely say that BlueNC has mostly failed.

Jeff Jackson provides clarity on the debt ceiling debacle

I got an email from Jeff Jackson giving his take on America's Impending Default going on DC right now. It's brilliant:

Yesterday afternoon, I was on the House floor intently watching the vote count for the biggest vote of the year so far.

You get five minutes to cast your vote and the voting machines are spread throughout the chamber, so members tend to clump around them and wait in line to press the red button or the green button.

Help me think about this

This came via email, but it also ran in the New York Times. Take a look then let's discuss. (The picture here is Graig Meyer of Durham. He's quoted in this column.)

Tressie McMillan Cottom is an associate professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science, the author of “Thick: And Other Essays” and a 2020 MacArthur fellow.

My recent column generated a lot of mail.

Poster poster

Let me explain why "woke" is on my mind so much lately.

For starters, in terms of generic meaning (not political), woke is an infinitely positive word. It's the past tense of "wake" and it's grounded in the concept of "awakening." In case you missed it, Heather Cox Richardson has a new book out called "Democracy Awakening." That seals the deal for me.


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