Tuesday Twitter roundup

The folly of sending a pastor to Congress:

Mark Walker is quite possibly the emptiest suit we've ever sent to Congress, and we've sent a few doozies.

John says there's two reasons to read his column; if you already agree with him but want ammunition for your arguments, or you don't agree with him but are open to new ideas. But there's actually a third thing, which is why *I* read his columns. To stay ahead of his game, which is to coax conservative lawmakers into voting for regressive legislation, often by using pseudo-intellectual arguments that draw unwary eyes away from human suffering so they feel more comfortable in their inhumanity.

And with that suffering in mind, being "cordial" and "civil" is not only difficult, it's actually inappropriate as hell. You know, these conservatives whine about "political correctness" espoused by Liberals, but when we actually do lose our tempers, speak our minds about injustice, all of a sudden we're the ones who should "tone it down." Pardon my French, but va te faire foutre. Not today, not tomorrow, and not until they stop hurting people.

What Maeve said. Although...thumping somebody on the forehead might feel really (really) good, but violence is seldom the answer. I said seldom...

Tee hee... :)

And that is why Republicans don't care. Definitely related:

Not even with an IV hook up of 5-Hour Energy Drink.

Unfortunately, Republicans are continuing to play their game of shifting funding burdens down to municipal governments, which they know will set off battles over higher property taxes and get more conservatives elected to local offices:

The bill also limits funding for regional commuter rail and light rail projects to 10 percent of the regional transportation allocation or estimated project costs, whichever is less. It specifically caps state funding for the Durham-Orange light-rail project at $190 million.

That means the regional partners would have to fill a $57 million shortfall in the state's expected contribution of $247 million.

But this thing needs to get done, so roll up your sleeves...

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see this. But Kobach actually broke the law, in an effort to take away people's rights, no less. Sending him to class for six hours as his *only* punishment seems way too lenient, and only invites more of the same type of behavior.

If I had to choose just one word to describe that picture, it would be "Folly." Also, what's the point in having a beachfront property if you have to climb down a wall of sandbags just to take a dip in the Ocean? I just don't get it...

I'm sure that thought crossed Torbett's mind, but no, that image dates back to the Bush administration. And it actually looks more like Pence than Torbett...Whatever the case, that is some seriously silly shit right there.

You really do need to shut up. Your number of daily Tweets seems to have risen greatly, and in direct proportion to the erosion of your arguments. Now you're just an online Tourette's Syndrome unending episode. Get help. Pretty sure they have at least a couple of therapists in Texas.

On that irritating note, here's your Onion:

But that guy on the top right looks skeptical though...



Bonus Onion:

Man, the Onion is just bashing the hell out of Facebook. I mean, every now and then it's funny, but this is way into the obsession category...

Shout out to WUNC-TV...

Your continued support of this nut-job with his own television show is literally destroying your credibility. When you have an idiot that is this biased, who gets his information from the Daily Caller and Brietbart, there is no way in hell he can ride shotgun on an intelligent conversation about policy and politics.

Stopped watching

I spend zero time time watching UNC TV any more. They seem to be an echo chamber for the legislature, too afraid of Bergermoore to show any signs of independent thought. Such a shame.