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    The John Bolton book revelation story really proves my point about Trump screwing over the GOP in the future.

    Part of the story that emerged is that the White House vetted the book several weeks ago and knew about Bolton's assertions. The told GOP Senators nothing about this. Now, GOP Senators basically put their necks out on not calling witnesses and have this thing blow up in their face. Trump and his team were probably hoping the trial would be over by the time Bolton's book came out.

    If Burr and Tillis are dumb enough to take Trump - and the administration - at their word, they deserve whatever Trump throws at them.

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    But, I think you misjudge the GOP's ability and willingness to create and spread some lie/excuse to their base that they will embrace and allow them to willingly vote for Meadows and/or Tillis.

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    I'm not a lawyer (and don't play one on TV), but my understanding is: If Trump's team introduces new evidence that was not part of the House's inquiry, Chief Justice Roberts has basically two choices. Either block that new evidence, or allow Democrats to also present new evidence.

    I know Republicans are itching to build a case against Hunter Biden, which they think will justify Trump's illegal actions. But theoretically that would open the door to recent documents supplied by Lev Parnas, not to mention getting John Bolton on the stand.

    And with idiots like Mark Meadows taking an active role, this is distinctly possible.

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    for not wanting to watch the Impeachment trial. I can only take snippets of it myself. And the painfully ironic thing is, GOP Senators subverting the process, and avoiding evidence and testimony, should have us all glued to the television in horror. But it has just the opposite effect, which is why they're doing it.

    In a perfect world, they would pay the price for that irresponsible behavior in November. But we don't live there.

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    It's resonating with people who read it.