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    When I moved here in 2006, I sub'd both the N&O and the Durham papers. There were local columnists, local news, even that stuff that has little interest to many like arrest reports etc. (remember when the N&O actually had sections for different regions within the triangle?) After the N&O dumped my favorite columnists, one I swore at regularly the other I wanted over for dinner, I dropped the N&O and stayed with the Durham paper. However that too was taken over by the same indifferent owners and soon became nothing more than the same paper as the N&O with a different banner. Today there is very little local news and reporting and many articles are just reproduced from other news sources.
    Local news died a long time ago. they even took away the national weather map!

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    Our General Assembly still needs an infusion of progressive women, because the days of whether they are "electable" or not have long passed...

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    Trump, Giuliani, Stone, Manafort, Flynn, all these guys positioned themselves as dealmakers, each one certain that loyalty and fear in their subordinates would keep them out of trouble.

    That's not how it works in the real world.

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    But you can't start with Thom Thillis and Dan Forest. They don't have any guts.

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    that the N&O is still a good paper and that's the fact that McClatchy still values good journalism. Newspapers were once the stalwarts of journalistic excellence and local reporting, but no longer for far too many places as the giant media companies have taken over and cut everything to the bone in the name of shareholder value. At least we'll still have some local papers willing and able to do the real work here in NC.