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    Such a gross, vapid human being. Give him a chance to get on the wrong side of an issue, and he'll be there so fast your head will spin. State funding for Christian schools? Your tax dollars going to promote superstition and magical thinking. Kind of sickening.

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    I have little doubt Trump would gladly trade security for Nobel bragging rights. The thing is, a formal declaration of peace between the North and the South would not produce the same results as it would elsewhere in the world. There would still be a DMZ, travel by North Korean citizens (anywhere) would still be next to impossible, and any sort of "unification" effort would run into an ideological wall.

    Trump's advisors know this, but the odds they'll be able to penetrate that rock head of his and convince him are not good. He's just not qualified to decide these things, especially when there's a shiny object to distract him.

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    Which is probably a sign of an atrophied brain, but...

  • Reply to: Berger gets fact-checked on his attack of Medicaid expansion   1 day 16 min ago

    Every one should read this. It’s the best round up I’ve seen.

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    and the Winston-Salem Journal, for making that connection to the Foundation for Government Accountability. Whether he discovered it or was given a tip is almost beside the point; so often these days we aren't given the proper context in stories about public policy, and the public (desperately) needs to know where these influences are coming from.

    I would love to see a deeper dive, showing where the money originated from (like the Sourcewatch info above), but naming the group is a damn fine start. And I'm also glad they used the terms "right-leaning" to describe it, because too often newspapers and television will just say "conservative" when describing these outfits, but are more than happy to toss "left-wing" or "left-leaning" out there on the other side. And from my research, I can safely say that the integrity of "left-leaning" think-tanks is leaps and bounds more solid than the corporate shills from the right.