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    Oh my! The white supremacy movement is channeling the Rump, lying about anything and everything all day long. Anti-Communist my ass.

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    on better ways to communicate and advocate using platforms such as mainstream media outlets and social media sites like Facebook. The above actually uses both simultaneously, which is pretty dang awesome, if you think about it.

    I'll spare you the whole thing, but part of it was about doing more than just saying "this is bad." If you use that opportunity to expose information of which most people are not aware, it can trigger thought processes that (maybe eventually) change their minds.

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    Lee County passed a 24 month fracking moratorium, which is due to expire in December of this year. Which goes a long way in explaining why that jackass Jim Womack was trying to hold an illegal meeting, so he could come up with a reason for the General Assembly to pull another bullying stunt in their October "special" session and restrict counties like Lee and Chatham from enacting these moratoriums.

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    Way too true, James, way too true ... but unfortunately the low-information Trump-guzzlers in my benighted district still love the little fudpucker.

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