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    Really, what you're seeing with the Amazon union vote is the result of many decades of right-wing propaganda that a) unions are run by corrupt thugs that just take all your money and b) if you vote in a union, they'll close your plant.

    That's what has me concerned about that "right to work/right to get screwed" NC constitutional amendment proposal. That would tip the balance fully towards big business with no accountability, with only an overwhelming change in the legislature and NC voters to overturn it.

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    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad (giddy, actually) to see President Biden supporting organized labor. And it's going to take actions like that to nudge the fence-sitters.

    But Uncle Joe only pulled 36.6% of the total votes in Alabama last November, and the pro-union vote pulled just 29%. Now, that's a long way from cause & effect, but it's definitely something to contemplate. Just because you want to help, it doesn't mean you will.

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    The "party of less government" at it again. Yet the gullible believe everything they are told by the GOP.

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    really pisses me off. Can you imagine police dragging John Hood out of his home in handcuffs? Nope, wouldn't happen. Leonard Pitts is published in large and small newspapers across the damn country, and there's no way in hell those cops did not know who he was. But they dragged him out anyway, just because some Nazi jackass made an anonymous accusation. Grrr...

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    The key point you need to remember is that the GQP has been distilled down to its basic form - evangelicals, racists, conspiracy theorists, and corrupt businessmen willing to buy corrupt politicians to get special favors.

    If you look at the priorities of the Republicans in the legislature, they perfectly fit the main concerns of all of these constituents.

    Screwing over LGBTs? Sure, the evangelicals see that as priority number one.

    Dismantling school funding and promoting conservative junk science in our schools? The corrupt businessmen wanting to bury climate change and make a buck off of state-funded private schools are on-board.

    Election "reform"? Protecting Confederate monuments? Hey, it's a bone for the racists.

    Taking away the power of the governor to manage exposure by the public to COVID-19? There's a little something for the anti-mask, COVID-denying nutcases.

    Five-thirty-eight had a piece on this recently, ruminating on why the GOP isn't rebranding and rethinking their strategy after the national election losses of 2020 and record-setting declining numbers of people who identify as Republican.

    The Republican rank and file - the people that control the party at the local level - see no reason to change direction and the priorities of the party reflect the priority of these hard-right nutcases that play the biggest role in organizing and fundraising.

    The key here is that they seem willing to put up with being a regional party, controlling state legislatures or particular locations, if it means staying in power locally.

    I predict that the big push in the courts by Republicans over the next few years in the courts will be for state's rights - keeping their ability to discriminate against LGBTs, restrict abortion, or keep Blacks and minorities from voting and "in their place" in their local area or state.

    Then, it doesn't matter if they win national elections or not. They can built their little conservative paradise where they are, grifting off of GQP supporters, billionaires with an agenda, or the government itself.