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    They don't do well in broad daylight.

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    Pull the trigger once and fire a blast of bullets strong enough to shred people to smithereens from brain to intestines in a big bloody mess. That's what a machine gun does.

    When I think of machine guns, I think of gang wars.

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    Many people equate "machine gun" with rapid-fire automatics, but it's the "automatic" that makes it a machine: several moving parts that clear and load rounds into the firing chamber without the shooter having to do anything.

    But the gun nuts love to get into technical discussions like that, and it's not them we need to convince, anyway. Just regular folks, who are bound to already be somewhat horrified by these ubiquitous assault rifles.

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    In my real life, companies hire me to create stories that move others to action. I've been doing that for 30 years, and some would say I'm pretty good at it.

    One thing I've learned over those years is that people don't take free advice seriously. Unless they pay lots of money, they just don't listen.

    Ah well. We do what we can.