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    Civitas has been doing this since before Republicans took over the General Assembly but, true to their form, they continued to (mostly) attack bills filed by Democrats, even though those bills had zero chance of even getting a floor vote, much less being passed.

    Resurrecting this bill, which was buried in the Rules Committee over a year ago, was nothing more than manufactured drama. Which is why there's a picture of Kabuki Theatre over on the side.

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    Well, they must be desperate to drive out the base in November by proposing three Constitutional amendments - there's Voter ID for the GOP's racists, screwing up judges to drive the evangelicals to the polls, and the hunting and fishing amendment to get the gun nuts out from under their rocks to votes.

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    Waiting for George to give a damn about anyone besides his rich pals.

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    I’m not debating it. I say it out loud twice a day.

    I understand everyone doesn’t agree with me. We have lots of readers who have a kinder gentler approach. The may be right, but it’s not for me. I figure I make them seem reasonable by comparison.

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    ... who has conspired with a foreign power to steal a national election; is using his position in government to line the pockets of himself, his family, and his cronies; and who has debased the nation with racist and bigoted policies and rhetoric to the point where he set up concentration camps for refugee children.

    And we're debating on whether it's appropriate to say the word "fuck"?

    Seriously, people, we should have been at the "ACT-UP" level of protestors shutting down traffic by laying the streets and throwing buckets of fake blood on any of Trump's enablers when they dared to show their face in public.

    And we're debating whether it's appropriate to say the word "fuck"??