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    Lol! Poor Libertarians, their lack of empathy exposes them to all sorts of problems...

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    This week we're going to change things up a bit, and post some of the more stupid letters to the editor from right-wing nutters:

    I am confused. I just read an article on the internet that stated that the Mueller report concluded that president Trump really was guilty of obstruction of justice but he just could not really prove it. Also that he was guilty of all kinds of stuff in trying to affect the investigation such as firing James Comey and threatening Robert Mueller and others. But the Mueller investigation was charged with determining if the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians and for this the Trump campaign was cleared.

    Democrats are really reading between the lines and grabbing at straws to come up with these conclusions. When will they give up that he won the election, the country is better off now than it was when he started and let’s elect him for one more term?

    The reason you're confused is because you haven't read the report, or any decent analysis of it, you've just been nibbling on Fox News bites. Also, the ease with which you discard any concerns about Trump obstructing the investigation is frightening, to say the least.

    And here's a feast of trigger words:

    Regarding “Congressman wants investigation of alleged ‘anti-Semitic rhetoric’ at Duke-UNC conference” (April 15):

    How dare UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University co-sponsor a conference, funded by taxpayer dollars, that spews anti-Semitic rhetoric!

    Bad enough to host an unbalanced conference that was anti-Israel, but to have a “concert” with a self-proclaimed anti-Semite claiming to be singing an anti-Semitic song, and to ignite hatred through audience participation, is beyond despicable.

    As a second generation Holocaust survivor, this kind of behavior conjures up thoughts of 1930s Germany. Thanks to Rep. George Holding for calling for an investigation into this hate fest.

    Actually, George Holding calling for an investigation of college campus activities conjures up thoughts of that time period, also. But that thought probably never crossed your mind.

    And then there's this idjit, who pulls a muscle defending Trump:

    Certain members of Congress are clamoring for the release of President Donald Trump’s past tax forms.

    That’s fair if and only if all of their’s are released as well.

    As a matter of fact, let’s pass legislation that states every public official has to release his or her last 20 years of tax returns before running for office and while in office, including present members of public office.

    Since we don’t want to be discriminatory, let’s release the tax returns of all citizens. This seems to be a slippery slope, doesn’t it?

    If there is evidence of a true, bonafide crime committed, then release the return to the court — not the guilty-until-proven-innocent Congress.

    So, Congress, fish in the water, not in the swamp of public press.

    Let me say it again, for those in the back row: The IRS is not tasked with monitoring violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, Congress is. What might be legal for a regular citizen has nothing to do with what is legal for a sitting President, so stop with the deflecting and whataboutism. It's embarrassing.

    I'll finish with this lawyer-bashing jewel (by a Reverend, no less):

    If fake news and some people in Washington, D.C. don’t know, it is quite possible for a lawyer to tell a lie, if they will not believe our great president, Donald Trump.

    I learned the hard way that a bum lawyer can embezzle what their clients have and get to keep most of it. I believe this happens because the bum lawyers have friends in the legal system.

    Should guns be banned? This is a question going around our land. Some say yes; some say no. Guns being banned will not stop all the crime in the land. There are knives and other things to help the criminal carry out his crime. Why would a dishonest lawyer care how many guns are banned as long as he has a gold mine in the shape of an ink pen in his hand?

    I am quite sure there are a multitude of people who know firsthand that it is quite possible for some lawyers to tell lies and steal.

    If I were a gambling man, I'd say the good reverend got spanked in a nasty divorce case, and is having a hard time turning the other cheek. Happy Easter, rev...

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    I don't care if it's for obstruction of justice or parking his fricking Thing improperly, you shouldn't be able to intentionally undermine a DOJ investigation and get away with it. Grrr.

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    When ya leave Dallas, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split ya...

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    Tee hee... :)