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Sure wish Cal had said "against" instead of "no" in that closing line. Otherwise, solid as a rock.


What about it, Pat McCrory?

Are you going to work to defeat Amendment One, or are you going to sell your soul to the Dark Side.

This is your tipping point, Pat. Seriously.

Your choice here will either be your biggest deathbed regret ... or one of the important things that made your life worth living.

Don't be a schmuck, Mr. McCrory. Do the right thing.

McCrory's statement on Amendment One last Sept

From WRAL:

[McCrory] Spokesperson Brian Nick also clarified that McCrory does not support legal recognition, such as civil unions, for same-sex couples.
Nick says McCrory supports the final version

Has McCrory has a change of heart since Sept (a la Bob Etheridge)?