Republican candidates are now removing Trump from their websites....

Since the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling, Republicans have been scrubbing/erasing their previous views on abortion. That’s a pretty big deal.

However, on MSNBC tonight Senator Claire McCaskill mentioned a major shift.

Republican candidates are scrubbing/erasing Donald Trump from their websites.

That’s a BFD…

Maggie Astor NY Times

For months, the campaign website for Adam Laxalt, the Republican Senate nominee in Nevada, greeted visitors with a huge banner exalting his endorsement from former President Donald J. Trump in all capital letters. Now, that information is nowhere on his home page.

Representative Ted Budd, the Republican Senate nominee in North Carolina, also made Mr. Trump’s endorsement far less prominent on his website last month.

The silence from Trump defenders (here’s looking at you Senator ‘riots in the streets’ Graham) is telling.

Today, the crickets in my yard are drowned out by the TFG’s defenders’ silence.

Trump’s endorsement did not help Palin and now it seems Republicans who once bent over backwards to get Trump’s blessing, are now ‘exiting stage right’ from him.

Let’s continue to watch the tables turn on TFG’s influence in our Democracy (that he tried to overthrow)