Tuesday Twitter roundup

If you live in Charlotte and forgot to early vote in the Primary, today is the day:

It will be interesting to see the overall turnout numbers for this Primary, which will (very likely) determine who the next Mayor of Charlotte is. And I'd like to give a special shout out to Betsy's mom Patsy Kinsey, who has two Primary challengers to face off to keep her seat. Fingers crossed...

I'll say it again, and probably keep saying it until something changes: Having Marc Rotterman host a show on WUNC is a blight on their programming, and seriously calls into question the credibility of station management. When you let somebody who thinks Breitbart is a valid source direct conversations and debates about NC politics, you can't expect any useful information to be aired.

Unfortunately this is not hyperbole, it's painfully accurate.

You're perilously close to winning the "Captain Obvious" award for this, Michael. The unaffiliated part is important, but the overall voter registration spike by Millennials? They didn't reach the legal voting age until the start of this graph, and each year hundreds of thousands aged into it. Nice graph, though...

I think I'm going to be ill:

Several years ago, Berry's office received a call from a grandfather asking for a copy of an inspection certificate. He had taken his 4-year-old granddaughter to South Carolina, and when she realized that Berry's photo wasn't in the elevators there, she refused to ride them.

The problem, the man explained, was that the girl's parents were preparing to move to a high-rise in Chicago.

"They wanted the certificate with them all the time so she would get in the elevator," Berry says. "He said, 'You're like her superhero. You keep her safe in elevators.'"

My god. It's fluffy bullshit like this that allows useless politicians to keep returning to office. Cherie Berry hasn't lifted a finger to help workers in North Carolina, and has bent over backwards to minimize what few fines have been assessed for dangerous working conditions. This is journalistic malfeasance, plain and simple.

One thing has changed. Apparently little children feel safer riding the elevator if they see a picture of Cherie f**king Berry. *sigh*

See, this is one reason why I hate to see Democrats chumming around with David Lewis. Dude is an irredeemable asshole, don't provide cover for him under the banner of decorum (or whatever).

Of course they are. Every tool in the box to give themselves partisan advantage will be used, and abused, no matter how high the legal costs get defending those unconstitutional moves.

Another issue that *should* sour most female voters on the Trump administration. But unfortunately, way too many women are caught up in the patriarchal merry-go-round, where men sometimes make "mistakes" and should be given a second (or fourteenth) chance to become charming princes.

Talk about hitting the trifecta. The Tax Foundation, ALEC, and AFP, all in the same self-aggrandizing little graph. I was going to say something about a circle jerk, but that's too disgusting to put into a blog post, so I'll leave it out. ;)

On that silly note, here's your Onion:

Not that funny when you think about it...