Voter suppression continues; counties push back

The Republican plan comes together

If the funds are not appropriated, State Board of Elections executive director Gary Bartlett has said counties would likely be forced to operate 100 fewer early voting sites than were available in 2008.


This could be the election-making difference

HAVA (Help American Vote Act) funds could be a major factor in making the difference between whether or not folks get a fair shake at the polls. Thanks for highlighting this!

The General Assembly is sitting on $4 million that can only be used for purposes like more early voting sites, training poll workers, making sure county's can afford well-functioning equipment, and so forth. In a close General Election, where voter suppression is already a concern, withholding these funds could create some very undemocratic (little d) results.

I think there is enough nonpartisan/bipartisan/independent support for fair elections that we can build a movement to advocate for, and win the release of these funds. I think there is also just a lack of awareness and understanding about these funds in the general public and in the General Assembly, and so education is critical in getting these funds released.

If anyone is going to HKonJ, keep an eye out for some giant heart shaped signs. The HAVA Heart (sounds like Have-A-Heart), Release the Funds campaign is starting soon!